The Chillcard NG range of NDIR gas sensors from Edinburgh Sensors has been extended to include two new gases; namely carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Our standard sensors for these gases use a miniature lamp with a tungsten filament as the source of infrared light. However, in applications such as endothermic gas annealing furnaces and gasification, where high levels of hydrogen (H2) are present, the lamp can have a reduced lifetime. It is possible to repair the sensor but this means delay whilst the lamp is changed and the sensor recalibrated. The new Chillcard NG sensors are built with a micro-machined thermal infrared emitter which has a longer lifetime in these challenging environments, giving less downtime and reduced long-term cost of ownership. The ‘Chillcard NG’ range of gas sensor instruments also includes high accuracy sensors for the detection and measurement of R-125 and R-134a refrigerant gases, where detection levels of 0 – 3000 ppm by volume are required.