Gas detection solutions designed to meet your gas sensing needs.

20 years of high quality gas sensing solutions manufactured in Europe.

Edinburgh Sensors range of OEM gas sensors are manufactured to the highest specification for integration into a wide range of systems where fast, accurate and reliable measurements of CO, CO2, CH4 and many other gases. Each of our products can be used in conjunction with single use gases.

The OEM Gascard series is the product of choice for an assortment of blue chip companies globally who require long-term stability and accuracy in the most demanding of industrial gas sensing applications.

For further information on our OEM products, please contact our sales team: who will be pleased to assist with your enquiry.

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Gascard NG

The Gascard NG infrared gas sensor is designed for ease of integration with a wide range of gas detection systems that require high quality, accurate and reliable measurement of CO, CO2, CH4 gas concentrations.

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The GasCheck is a series of low cost CO2 sensors that offer high accuracy, good long term stability, negligible cross sensitivity, small size and low power requirement.

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The IRgaskiT® infrared gas sensor is designed for integration into a wide range of systems where fast, accurate and reliable measurement of carbon dioxide concentrations is required.

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Chillcard NG

The OEM Chillcard NG range of infrared gas sensors from Edinburgh Sensors has been extended to include two new gases - CO and CO2.

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