Carbon Monoxide Detection and Carbon Dioxide Detection for Gasification

Introduction to Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Detection

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Carbon monoxide detection, and carbon dioxide sensing, are essential for gasification. Syngas (short for synthetic gas) can be burnt and used as a fuel source, the main constituents of syngas are Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, which account for around 34% of syngas, and it is produced by a process called Gasification.

Gasification starts with a base material which can originate from a wide variety of materials for example wood and pellets, plastics, municipal solid waste, sewage, waste crops, and fossil fuels such as coal. During gasification the base material is reacted at high temperature without combustion with controlled amounts of oxygen (or steam).

The composition of the base material combined with the amount of oxygen and heat used in the process affects the composition of the resultant syngas, in which the Carbon Monoxide can vary between around 3.5% and 35%. In addition, large amounts of Carbon Monoxide are also formed. The measurement of Carbon Monoxide is therefore an important feature in the production of syngas.

In 1956, the founder of Edinburgh Sensors published a paper on the design and fabrication of infrared band pass filters, which are a key component of modern IR bench sensors. Edinburgh Sensors has actively commercialised this technology over the last 30 years, resulting in a reputation for reliable, accurate, long term stability and low maintenance gas-sensing products, which are used extensively worldwide in a range of safety and process critical applications. These sensors are now being used extensively to measure syngas from gasification through Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Detection.



Gascard NG is an ideal OEM sensing solution, for measuring 0-100% or 0-30% of CO and 0-30% of CO2, the sensor features on board Barometric Pressure Correction, and extensive Temperature compensation. The Gascard NG has a range of different interface options, including analogue 4-20mA/0- 20mA/0-5v, true RS232 communication, optional on board LAN support, and a serial interface for interfacing relay alarms. The on-board firmware supports either a traditional 4 segment LCD or a modern graphical display.

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OEM Evaluation and support

For OEM development, Edinburgh Sensors, can provide an evaluation kit consisting of a Gascard NG sensor, an advanced graphical display interface, allowing easy evaluation of the Gascard NG functions.

Technical support is available from our Engineers who are available to provide one-to-one customer service and technical support throughout the evaluation and system integration process.

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Turn-Key Solutions for Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Detection

In addition to OEM Gas sensors, Edinburgh Sensors have been providing Gas Monitors for carbon monoxide detection based upon our proprietary infrared sensor technology for many years, with tens of thousands of our monitors in operation worldwide.

The Guardian NG Gas Monitor has been evaluated by a number of our volume customers working with gasification systems. Wall-mounted, in an IP54 enclosure, with an integral power supply and sample pump, allowing samples to be taken remotely from over 30 meters away, this Gas Monitor can be provided to measure 0-100% of Carbon Monoxide (CO) or 0-30% of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂). The Monitor features volt free relay alarm outputs, controlled by programmable alarm levels; an accurate temperature and pressure compensated measurement of the gas concentration via 4-20mA( or 0-20mA) and RS232 interface; and a graphical user interface with password protection – allowing not only display of the compensated gas measurement, but control of the gas monitor calibration and alarm functions.

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