On Wednesday 10th of July, we were joined by our sister companies Edinburgh Instruments, Precisa and Scion to welcome members of Senior Management from TechComp to our Scottish HQ in Livingston.

We enjoyed a delightful afternoon of tasty food and speeches and celebrated our employees in a presentation of long service awards. 


We had a gazebo erected to protect ourselves from the unpredictable Scottish weather, but miraculously the rain held off for the afternoon. We enjoyed a lovely catered meal and spent the time mingling and catching up with one another before the presentations started.



The proceedings began with a series of announcements given by the managers of Techcomp, Edinburgh Instruments, Edinburgh Sensors, Precisa and Scion. They updated us with new business opportunities going forward, as well as the latest company news and research development.



Awards for long service were then presented to our employees, including to Gary Hardie, Ray Thomas and John McIntosh, who have amassed an incredible 120+ years of service between them.



We would like to thank all of our highly valued employees from across the TechComp group as we are very grateful for their continued hard work, support and dedication.