We are delighted to introduce Nils Guerard as Sales Manager for Lab Products in the US. Having received on-site training at our divisions in Europe, in addition to wider lab product training in the UK, Nils is looking forward to strengthening the existing team at Techcomp US.

Nils has a master’s degree in international business management and several years of experience working as a sales representative and business consultant. Nils expertise in sales will be a valuable aid supporting the team in America.


“My goal is to analyse the American market, identify potential partners such as dealers, distributors, laboratories, or any potential facilities that need our products. First, we will need to increase our brand awareness and then implement a distribution structure in the USA in order to grow the business there.”  

Email: n.guerard@froilabo.com


With experience in supply chains, business development, production, and more, along with his time at Froilabo, we are confident that Nils will expand our brand awareness within America and help us grow as a global business.

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To speak to Nils, get in touch via email and he will get back to you as soon as possible.