Techcomp China Sales Teams

Allan Mackenzie, UK Group Product Manager, was delighted to visit our parent company Techcomp Instruments Ltd, group manufacturing facility in Shanghai at the end of February to introduce the China Sales and Service team to the latest products manufactured in the UK by sister company, Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

On display was the new DS5 UV-Vis Dual Beam Spectrophotometer, a high performance dual beam instrument suitable for many analytical applications where accuracy and precision measurements are vital. Allan led the teams through a series of formal and informal training sessions to enable them to introduce the new product to their own customers. The feedback was very positive with constructive comments and suggestions for enhancements as we continue with the design and development of this new product range.

In addition to the overview of the new absorbance range of spectrophotometers to the Edinburgh Instruments range, the Group was also introduced to Edinburgh Sensors range of gas detection products which are sold globally via a network of distributors and OEM customers. This was a whole new product line for the team to become acquainted with and the CO2 gascard proved of interest when used for hands-on training and a Q&A session.

Techcomp China sales team familiarise themselves with Edinburgh Sensors Gascard

At the end of the launch and training programme, the teams departed enthused and excited at the new range of products. Going forward, we look forward to strengthening our relationship and indeed sales growth within China in 2019 and beyond.