Techcomp Europe Ltd, 23rd April 2015, U.K.; Techcomp Europe is delighted to present Scion Instruments as the latest addition to the scientific group at the ACHEMA 2015 show in Frankfurt from June 15th – 19th. In addition to Scion Instruments, the other five companies in the group will be presenting an impressive line-up of new technologies and products on the group’s largest booth so far at a major show in Europe.

Scion Instruments – introducing the latest addition to the Techcomp Europe group with expertise in Gas Chromatography, GC Analysers and Single Quad Mass Spec technologies.
Precisa – launching the new, state of the art 390 non-top loading analytical balance, unveiling the ground breaking hybrid load cell technology and introducing a new industrial balance terminal.
Edinburgh Instruments – presenting several new powerful FS5 Lifetime Fluorescence models including a multimode plate reader, NIR, lifetime, quantum yield and multi-sample handling.
Froilabo – unveiling the new range of advanced ULT freezers with previously un-seen levels of user control, performance and efficiency.
Hitachi – demonstrating the latest CP-NX Ultracentrifuge with the highest performance in the market and advanced user interfaces.
Dynamica – launching the Gelview Master and the latest 2015 range of lab equipment.

Techcomp Europe Ltd CEO Chris O’Connor added, “In the past two years, Techcomp Europe Group has continued to acquire new technologies and to invest heavily in existing brands. We now have a truly global portfolio of analytical and life science products to support our customers in their applications across a wide range of research and industrial markets. Achema 2015 in Frankfurt is a great opportunity for Techcomp Europe to display the exciting results of these investments to our customers and channel partners”.
Techcomp Europe will be located at booth D68 in Hall 4.2.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with a representative from any of the businesses please contact Romina Grazia at Romina.Grazia@precisa.ch or your regular contact.