Boxed Gascard®

For CO2

The Boxed Gascard® provides users with access to the Gascard NG range of CO2 detection products in a convenient and robust desktop unit.

Requiring only a suitable power supply and sample gas, the Boxed Gascard® provides fast and reliable CO2 concentration data over a wide range of barometric pressures and environmental temperatures. It brings the accuracy and reliability of the Gascard NG gas sensors to the convenience of a desktop instrument. The Boxed Gascard® is suitable for CO2 monitoring in a diverse range of applications from anaerobic digestion monitoring to plant physiology, where the carbon dioxide concentration in air-like atmospheres needs to be measured from ppm to tens of percent concentration.

The bit-switch controlled 4-20mA or 0-20mA output is ideally suited for interfacing with most data loggers.  Alternatively, the optional RS232 interface and NG Logger software may be used to log the concentration information onto a PC (with a serial to USB converter) or suitable tablet computer.

The new aluminium enclosure provides an elegant and robust solution to housing the Gascard NG. This also provides a versatile point sensor that may be used in many applications where a sensor is needed to remotely monitor carbon dioxide concentrations.

The heart of the Boxed Gascard® is the Gascard NG which uses a pseudo dual beam NDIR measurement system for increased stability and the reduction of long term drift with minimum optical complexity and no moving parts.

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Key Features

  • Modern electronics platform with the increased power and versatility of fast microprocessors
  • Wide operating voltage range (7 V - 30 V)
  • True RS232 communications for control and data
  • On-board Barometric Pressure Correction in the range 800 mbar - 1150 mbar
  • Field Replaceable IR Source
  • Extensive Temperature compensation