At Edinburgh Sensors, we are committed to providing solutions to satisfy our customers’ current needs. At the customer request, we have added new CO2 gas measurement ranges to our IRgaskiT.

The IRgaskiT can now measure ranges of 0-50% and 0-100%. The IRgaskiT range of dual-beam infrared sensors offers high performance and flexibility with its modular design, comprising sensor module, sensor signal processing electronics and power input and output conditioning board. The gas and range are decided by the choice of sensor module, the signal acquisition and processing is done by a micro controller board. If required, the conditioning board may be added to provide a complete sensor system with power input and current loop output terminals.

When fully configured the IRgaskiT is a low drift, high accuracy OEM gas sensor with 4-20 ma current (sink) and 0-2 voltage outputs.

With a low power consumption of (<1W), the IRgaskiT may be configured to operate from a USB port using an appropriate adapter and is ideal for a wide variety of applications where space and low power consumption are important.

If you can’t see your particular specification listed among our standard products, please contact us with your target gas and concentration requirements.