Fast, accurate and reliable measurement of CO2 and CH4 concentration.

What Gases Are Found In Biogas?

Biogas is the mixture of gases produced by the process of anaerobic digestion, which is the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be used as a source of energy and is produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste.

Biogas primarily consists of methane and carbon dioxide, but also may have small amounts of hydrogen sulphide, moisture and siloxanes. The gases methane, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide can be combusted or oxidized with oxygen to release energy. This allows biogas to be used as a fuel; it can be used for heating purposes and in the conversion of gas into electricity and heat. Due to the way in which it is produced, biogas is considered to be renewable, which makes it a desirable energy source. It is estimated to have the potential to replace around 17% of vehicle fuel.

How are Gas Sensors used for Biogas Production?

Methane and CO2 concentration measurements are a key part of the evaluation of the anaerobic digestion process.

Too high or too low gas concentration levels can indicate a change in the efficiency of the fermentation process. Anaerobic process control systems measure the Methane content (and often the CO2 content) of the gas stream to control or evaluate the AD process and warn of problems. Edinburgh Sensors provide high performance OEM gas detectors that are able to give fast, accurate and reliable measurements of both CO2 and Methane concentrations.

If you are interested in the specific applications of gas sensing for biogas production and would like to find out more, why not have a read of our relevant application notes and blog posts:

Which Edinburgh Sensors Products are Suitable for Biogas?

If you are interested in gas sensing for Biogas production, why not browse our range of relevant gas sensors below. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss any of our products or their applications in further detail.

4 for Biogas

Gas detection using a CO2 sensor.

Gascard NG

The Gascard NG infrared gas sensor is designed for ease of integration with a wide range of gas detection systems that require high quality, accurate and reliable measurement of CO, CO2, CH4 gas concentrations.

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Gas Monitor from Edinburgh Sensors, The Guardian NG. Enquire today for more information, including Gas Monitor price.

Guardian NG Gas Monitor

Gas Monitor, The Guardian NG, supplied by Edinburgh Sensors offers near-analyser quality, continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations.

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