What is ‘Calibration’?

Gas detector calibration is vital for ensuring the safety and efficacy of gas detectors.

Calibration ensures that the actual measured value of a detector is correct against a known measurement, or a standard.

Why do we need to calibrate gas detectors?

Our CO2 sensors utilise non-dispersive infrared technology to detect carbon dioxide molecules. Over time, the infrared light source and detector can deteriorate, dirt or contamination can accumulate, the electronic components age, all contributing to a change in the gas reading called “drift”.

Zero Calibration Kit - Regular gas detector calibration prevents drift, keeping your gas sensor accurate and reliable

Whilst this is a normal occurrence, regular gas detector calibration can compensate for drift by resetting the “zero point” – measuring the signals with no CO2 present in the detector.

Carrying out regular gas detector calibration helps to keep your gas monitors accurate, so you can trust that CO2 levels are being measured correctly and you have a safe environment.

How often should I calibrate my gas detector?

We recommend checking the zero accuracy of your gas sensor every 12 months, although this will depend on the operating environment.  In a more challenging environment, more frequent adjustments may be required.

Why Choose Edinburgh Sensors Zero Calibration Kit for your Gas Detector Calibration?

Edinburgh Sensors offers a Zero Calibration Kit for our Guardian NG CO2 Monitors. The Zero Calibration Kit provides a fast, accurate and reliable method for calibrating any Guardian COmonitor.

The Zero Calibration Kit does not require any calibration gas, reducing gas cylinder handling. This makes the unit more portable, without any requirements for high pressure gas cylinders.

The Zero Calibration Kit from Edinburgh Sensors can be purchased with the Guardian CO2 monitor, but it can be used with any CO2 sensor, provided that there is a pump or similar device for pushing the air through the Zero Calibration Kit and into the sensor.

To find out more about how the Zero Calibration Kit can be used to improve the life span of your CO2 sensor, contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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