Carbon dioxide detectors

We were recently delighted to help one of our customers in the field of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAF) who was in need of a bespoke CO2 gas sensing solution. He was seeking a gas monitor with a rapid response, low lag, and low noise output.

Following consultation, we were able to develop the New 0-100% CO2 Gascard NG which reduces both the response time and quiescent noise.

Standard Gascard NG CO2 Gas Detector

The standard Gascard NG offers users a stable NDIR optical sensor that is suitable for continuous, long-term usage because it does not need frequent re-calibration. It is therefore suitable for process control applications and abnormal event detection where there is a need for long term stability rather than a particular focus on precision.

Carbon Dioxide Detector Precision

For those customers seeking a higher focus on precision or the limit of detection, a different head shell may be used. This alternative optical system increases the amount of Infra-Red light that reaches the detector, which increases the signal being detected. As the detector noise is independent of signal this increases the signal to noise ratio and consequently the short-term fluctuations in the indicated gas concentration are reduced. As a result, both the limit of detection and the precision of the sensor are improved for a given response time. Unfortunately, this increased precision inevitably comes with the loss of long-term stability due to the unavoidable increase in drift rate that occurs with this type of optical system.

This extra precision is beneficial in applications where it is easy to frequently re-calibrate the zero point, which removes the drift, such as leak detection and the fast detection of low gas concentrations. It is also useful when the gas is only present in the sample stream for a short period of time and a measurement of the amount of gas is required rather than a concentration measurement. Many sampling processes benefit from this type of analysis because it is possible to measure the amount of gas in a ‘pulse’ added to a constant stream by integrating the concentration output over time using the ‘RC’ time constant settings (integrating type filter).

CO2 Gas Detector Solutions

Our standard Gascard NG is a long-lasting Carbon Dioxide detector which provides accurate, stable and reliable gas measurement. If you are looking for an NDIR gas sensor we would be delighted to work with you to find the correct sensor to fit your exact requirements. For further information or to find out how we can help you, simply contact us. We look forward to being of assistance.

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